All American Can Sealers

Master Can Sealers
Master Can Sealers

Master Can Sealers include equipment to seal your choice of either No.2 or No.3 can.

Senior Can Sealers
Senior Can Sealers

Senior Can Sealers are set up to seal No.10 & No.12 cans, and can be adapted for smaller sizes.

Metal Can Suppliers

Suppliers providing supplies for can sealing equipment listed here.

All American Can Sealers are designed for use by Commercial Canners, Custom Canners, School Canneries, Lunch Rooms, Experimental Laboratories, Gift Packaging Centers, and Home Canners. No skill or experience is required to perfectly seal tin cans automatically.

The All American Senior Can Sealer is the heavy duty large size sealer. It can be equipped to seal all sizes of tin cans up to and including the No. 12 can.

The Electric Can Sealers will seal 150 cans per hour. The low mounted motor eliminates vibration. A pulley guard is included for your safety. The Electric Can Sealers are built for use by canning plants, laboratories, custom canners, or wherever a quickly operated can sealer is needed.

The following is the dimensions of the can sizes:

  • No. 1: 2 11/16" diameter x 4" height
  • No. 2: 3 7/16" diameter x 4 9/16" height
  • No. 2 1/2: 4 1/16" diameter x 4 11/16" height
  • No. 3: 4 4/16" diameter x 4 14/16" height
  • No. 10: 6 3/16" diameter x 7" height
  • No. 12: 6 3/16" diameter x 8 12/16" height