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Canning Forum Purpose

The CanningPantry forum has been created to promote food preservation & healthy eating through the sharing of techniques, recipes, ideas, and friendship. Both customers and non-customers of the e-shopping site are welcome to discuss food preservation, storage, healthy diets & other related topics on the Canning Forum.

Canning Forum Contents

The Canning Forum has sections on canning, pickling, freezing, dehydrating, vacuum packaging, and general storage of foods for preservation. Recipe sections provide for the sharing and your favorite canning, pickling and other recipes.

Whole foods/Living foods enthusiasts will also find a section for them with information on juicing and juice recipes.

The Canning Forum also has a section for relaxing and conversing with your canning friends about off-topic subjects. There is even a chat function were you can share immediate information with forum members.

The Canning Forum is the place to hangout!