Canning Supplies To Make Your Food Storage Project Easier

The Mrs Wages line of pickling mixes and Mrs. Wages tomato canning mixes are one of our most popular additions to our huge selection of home canning supplies. For some, home canning is a hobby; for others, it’s a lifestyle.┬áhas the most complete selection of home canning supplies and canning equipment for the beginning canner as well as the food preservation expert. If we do not offer a home canning supply item that you need, please let us know.

Here is a limited selection of our must haves:

Essential Canning Supplies

Make sure you have plenty of these essential home canning supplies before starting your next food preservation project. Remember, canning lids must never be reused. However, canning rings and canning jars can be reused indefinitely. It’s always good to have plenty of pectin on hand prior to the jam and jelly season.

Be sure to try some of the great Mrs. Wages pickling and tomato mixes this season. We have many customers that say their families will eat nothing but Mrs. Wages pickles or salsa. We hope that our selection of canning supplies will meet all your home canning needs.