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The CanSolidator is the result of months of engineering and extensive testing. The result is high quality product you can believe in. In an effort to develop a highly versatile, durable can organizer is easy to use and that accommodates a large variety of can sizes, the CanSolidator is designed using the SmarTrack technology. Take a look at why the CanSolidator design makes it the perfect choice for organizing your pantry.

The CanSolidator Features:

  • The CanSolidator can be stacked vertically or expanded horizontally to maximize space and create the perfect set-up for your pantry
  • Because the CanSolidator is adjustable for can width it can easily rotate small mushroom and tuna cans up to larger fruit and pie filling cans (30oz)
  • Rotation system, simply place new cans at the top entry
  • With simple snap-together components, the CanSolidator can be assembled in a matter of minutes
  • The CanSolidator sits conveniently on any existing shelving that is at least 16.5 inches deep and 11 inches high
  • The CanSolidator is made to support a large amount of can weight, making it a long-lasting, durable solution to food storage
  • With the ability to store over 50 cans, the CanSolidator will free up more storage space on your pantry shelves by holding your cans into a condensed area

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