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K-Tec Champ HP3 Blender in Black

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The K-Tec Champ HP3 Blender in Black is no longer available but has been re-branded as the Blendtec Total Blender - Click Here!. Same great product made by the same people - just a new name.

The K-Tec Blender in Black with Free Shipping! - is the toughest home use smoothie maker on the market. The Champ HP3 blender ships FREE and includes a FREE recipe book! K-Tec is the innovative leader in the commercial blender market making the same smoothie machines used by commercial smoothie sellers. The Champ HP3 is a heavy-duty smoothie maker that features the same engineering genius that makes K-Tec the industry leader.

The K-Tec Blender features computer controlled blend cycles which make perfect drinks with a one-touch operation. No old-fashioned knobs, switches, or dials to wear out. Solid-state electronics and sleek touchpad ensure long life and dependable performance. No other smoothie maker offers the power, ease of operation, and state of the art engineering as the K-Tec Blender.

Half-gallon capacity GE Lexan jar is lightweight and easy to clean. Powerful 3-peak horsepower motor makes any blending chore a breeze.

K-Tec Blender Specifications

  • Microprocessor controlled - 100% solid state
  • Solid stainless steel blade
  • Measuring marks in ounces or metric
  • Half-gallon capacity jar
  • Easy to clean
  • Base dimensions: 7" wide, 8" deep, 6.5" tall - with the jar it is 15.5" tall
  • 3-Peak horsepower
  • Warranty: 8 years ó home use only.

Absolutely the most fantastic blender-juicer- homogenizer-grinder-kneader there is. This sleek machine does it all with maximum style and efficiency. This one machine turns out perfect and healthful soups, sauces, ice creams, sorbets, nut, seed & grain milks, smoothies, desserts, scrumptious milk shakes, and so many other delicious concoctions that we find ourselves using our K-Tec Blender several times a day. It easily grinds wheat & other grains into flour Ė Donít try that with any other home blender!

The HP3 also makes great whole juices and the resulting juice is liquidly smooth, with all its valuable fiber still intact! Why throw away roughage and all the nutrients they contain when you can have it all? Backed by an industry-leading 8-year warranty, the K-Tec Blender is the same machine that Starbucks and Jamba Juice use.

The HP3 ís astounding 3-horsepower motor will amaze you with its sheer power and speed. The HP3 will inspire you to health-conscious culinary heights you never knew were possible. And with the HP3, messy clean-ups are a thing of the past. Typical cleaning involves no more than running the blender on high for a few seconds with warm water. If you are tired of burning up blenders and want a quality machine that will last a lifetime. The K-Tec Blender is the machine for you. The key to a quality smoothie is very fine ice. Larger ice crystals tend to freeze the taste buds lessening the fruit flavor. No other blender will produce such fine ice, which results in MORE flavor with LESS fruit, saving you money.

Excerpt from K-Tec Blender Instruction Manual


    Buttons 1, 2, 3, and 4 on the touch pad are pre-programmed cycles designed for easy-to-use recipes included in your recipe book. The cycles will start with the press of a button and will stop automatically when the cycle is complete. Button 5 is a speed key: This button is unique because it allows you to set the speed to your own desired setting. To set the speed, simply hold the 5 button down for a number of seconds. The Green LED display ill reflect the speed setting (1 through 10) on the left side. When you release the button, the motor will remain at the speed selected for 50 seconds unless you touch the button again to terminate the cycle.

    Button 1: Blends soft items such as ice creams and shakes. It runs for 27 seconds at low speed. This setting is ideal for soft fruits such as grapes, peaches and oranges.

    Button 2: Great granita and margarita cycle. Good for ice cubes, fruit syrups or concentrates. This is a short cycle at only 14 seconds varying between low and high speeds. Great for soft fruits.

    Button 3: This is the most frequently used speed of all. This button provides a robust cycle for more difficult "smoothies" or frozen drinks of fruit and ice. The cycle runs 23 seconds. This cycle handles firmer fruits such as apples, pineapple with the core, watermelon with seeds, etc.

    Button 4: This cycle is for frozen fruits and hard vegetables. This cycle fluctuates between lower and higher speeds to pull thicker materials into the blade. It is an excellent cycle for carrots, broccoli and hard materials such as whole wheat and rice.

    Button 5: The speed key. This key is used when one wishes to control the cycle. In this mode, the motor will run as long as 50 seconds and at whatever speed you select up to speed 10 (28,000 RPM plus).

    Button P: The Pulse button provides one with the ability to chop foods or make chunky salsa's by controlling the blade. The motor runs only while the "P" button is held down.

To find out more about K-Tec Blenders and their commercial smoothie machine line visit their websites at K-Tec and Blendtec, respectively.

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