Samson Juicers

Green Power Juicer KPE-1304
Green Power Juicer KPE-1304

Retail: $549.00 Our price: $469.00

Samson Single Gear Juicer
Samson Single Gear Juicer

Retail: $299.00 Our price: $229.00

Exclusive Features Offered by Both Samson™® Juicers
The quickest and easiest cleaning (within 3 minutes)
The simplest assembly and disassembly
Extracts pure, healthy juice
Higher yield, with drier pulp
Low RPM speed insures the highest nutritional value
Makes pasta noodles
Extracts juice from carrots, celery, parsley, spinach, apple, orange, kale, cucumber, ginger, sprouts, etc.
Excellent for wheatgrass and all leafy greens
Also makes frozen desserts, baby food, nut butters, minced fish and meat
Grinds herbs and seasonings

Both Samson™® models can be used as...

   A Vegetable Juicer
   Juice carrots, celery, all leafy greens, and much more.
   A Fruit Juicer
   Juice oranges, apples, lemons, grapes, and much more.
   A Wheatgrass Juicer
   Juice wheatgrass with ease and efficiency. Produces very dry pulp.
   A Mincer / Grinder
   Mince meat and fish. Grind seeds, coffee beans, and seasonings.
   A Pasta Noodle Maker
   Make pasta noodles with dough or steamed rice. Thin, thick or flat shaped noodles.
   Food Mill
   Make frozen fruit sorbet.
   Make fresh baby food with all of your favorite fruits and vegetables.
   Even make cookies and bread sticks with dough or steamed rice.

They are Easy to Use and Clean

The Samson™® Juice Extractors are easier to use and clean than any other on the market.

  The Samson™® GB-9001 takes only 15 seconds to assemble or disassemble. And 1-3 minutes to clean
  The Samson™® KPE-1301 is easier to clean and assemble than any other twin gear type juicer because it is more compact with less parts.

Great Service

  No-hassle warranties are longer than most warranties offered for other juicers on the market.
  GB-9001: 5-year parts and labor warranty and a 10-year motor parts and labor warranty.
  KPE-1301: 10-year parts, motor, and labor warranty.
  No shipping cost for consumer warranty services.
  Speedy Service.

Higher Efficiency

Samson™® has upgraded all of the parts to the GB-9001 to provide higher efficiency then ever before.

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