Pressure cookers make quick work out of cooking one-pot meals, rice, and dishes that traditionally take hours of cooking by the stove. Today’s models come with a variety of features; some have multiple trays and others come with a timer for overnight cooking.

I’ve reviewed the best models and narrowed my top contenders to a few favorites for their cooking methods and settings. These are versatile machines that use the latest innovations to deliver hot and tasty meals to your table. Some combine pressure cookers with all-in-one appliance, doing everything from steaming vegetables to cooking dry beans from scratch in less than fifteen minutes.

I’ve focused on the settings, the quality, and safety features when reviewing each brand and model, making sure that each performed well consistently. I’ve also listed the models that are easy to use; most have a one touch option for pressure and temperature. Many of today’s machines use smart technology, automatically adjusting the pressure according to the selected setting and the amount of food in the pot.

Other considerations that factored into my decision making process include versatility; I choose machines that can steam rice, cook a chicken, make yoghurt, and sauté vegetables. Another important feature that I thought important is the “keep warm” setting; keeping food at just the right temperature for hours without burning or scalding it.

I’m an avid chef who appreciates appliances that make cooking less time consuming and tedious. My motivation in making this list is to give you a healthy range of options that give you the benefit of my research and cooking expertise. While the models I review are in no way a comprehensive list of the specialty machines that are available, they give you the best value for your budget and are designed to last. For more information and the pros and cons of each pressure cooker, check out my reviews.